【3/19~4/16】Applications for subsidies for the

Ministry of Education encourages college student clubs and youth volunteers to utilize summer and winter breaks to conduct free camp activities at elementary and junior high schools in education priority zones, opening up new avenues to bridge learning gaps. Integrating the essence and spirit of service learning into camp activities to foster an optimistic, proactive, and socially caring service-oriented worldview. Subsidies are provided annually during summer and winter breaks.

"113th Summer Camp Activities for Elementary and Junior High School Students in Education Priority Zones" Application

  1. Applicants: Various domestic colleges and universities
  2. Application Deadline: From now until April 16th
  3. Application Documents: Attached funding proposal form, service plan Contents required in the project proposal:
    1. Activity name.
    2. Reasons for the activity (program needs assessment).
    3. Activity goals.
    4. Collaborating units.
    5. Camp leader.
    6. Number of youth volunteers.
    7. Service targets and numbers.
    8. Activity details: including implementation time, location, activity flow, implementation method, and expected benefits, etc.
  4. Funding support items: Educational training fees (including pre-departure training), insurance fees, meal expenses, accommodation fees, teaching materials and equipment fees, transportation fees, printing fees, and miscellaneous expenses (including epidemic prevention materials), etc. Implementation mode: Physical mode, no online mode available.
  5. College student clubs are not allowed to charge any fees to participating elementary and junior high school students under any circumstances.

Please prepare the application documents and submit them to the extracurricular group person in charge by the deadline, and apply online at https://osa_activity.ntu.edu.tw/social.service. Late submissions will not be accepted.

For details, please refer to the Ministry of Education's Guidelines for Subsidizing Colleges and Universities to Conduct Summer Camp Activities for Elementary and Junior High School Students in Education Priority Zones.

Person in charge of student activity division: Jhih-Min Hsu
Contact phone: (02)3366-2066#14
Contact email: jmshyu@ntu.edu.tw

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